Julia Buruleva

Visual artist.
Describe yourself in one sentence.
My name is Yulia Buruleva and I am a visual artist and art director of photo and video projects.
What was your childhood like?
It was an ordinary Soviet childhood. I can't believe it myself, but I was a "pioneer". Lol.

I was born in St. Petersburg and grew up in a small city close by. It was a wooden house, as I remember, but with no hot water, toilet and shower. Very common Russian childhood.
I want to know quite more about Spain and how you find yourself over there.
Spain gives me the sun! A lot of sun and I like it...

Seriously, it gives an opportunity to feel the European mentality, to be imbued with it. Of course, a general concept of the mentality is different even inside the country depending on the region, but nevertheless, everything is opposite here regarding Russia. I wanted to make such an experiment in my life transplant yourself into a different soil and see what grows. Probably it takes away the habit of living at super high speeds (before that I lived in Moscow). This is probably good, but, to be honest, it's hard to get used to.
What brought you to photography?
Back in high school, I formulated an idea to become a photographer, it came from understanding that I like to contemplate, to observe. So I went to study: took professional courses, and then the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts at the Department of Cinema and Photography. Since then I have been in this field and never doubted it.
Your works look more like art than commerce. But at the same time there is a lot of fashion, how do you combine those?
Fashion is about aesthetics, and, of course, fashion photography can be an art also rather than other trends in art. But in general, this is such a cycle where everything gives impetus to everything of creating.
Tell about the process of creating "Selfie-Isolation" or BePartOfArt photo projects. How did you shoot, where found models?
This all happened during the quarantine: we were literally locked at our house. The only thing you could do except eating and looking to the window: shoot a self-portrait every day with the same wall in the background and with some materials that I could found at home. When we bought a fish for dinner, for example - first I used it in for the pictures and then cooked. The rest stuff came from storage: acrylic paints, some bottles, potato nets, scotch tape, etc. It was quite a challenge for me: woke up and start to look around the house trying to find inspiration. I didn't wait for it, I was hardly looking for it.

BePartOfArt is an improvisation project. I announce the day and location of the shooting and invite everyone who could come. The only condition is to be ready to be nude.

No one (including even me) knew exactly what would happen and how many people would participate. To be honest I didn't have even the final idea. The only thing I had: the general visual theme, and how I can use my camera to do that.

Well, everyone (so far only girls) who also wanted to try themselves in some new experience we ready to rush into the maelstrom with my "head". Lol. I think the reputation, of course, was a matter: they already saw my work and were interested in the art process.

The essence of those projects is ready to act, to create an opportunity for some wonderful moment. The moment that I would not have thought of in advance, which appeared on its own.
What are these projects for you?
I do not know. It's just my way of being. Clearly, I realized this during isolation, when there were melancholy and despondency around, and only my own vision stayed.
I think photography for you is a part of performance not only shooting. Am I right?
Actionism is very close to me. Not that I am a performance artist, but yes, in many of my projects the final photo is just the tip of the iceberg, and the process of creating more important (unexpected may happen).

In different ways: some people find my works funny, some see esoteric parts, a lot of different opinions.
Looking at your projects I get the feeling that you are a "hooligan" in a good way, of course, which reminds me of Dali's works. Is there any surrealism?
Well, I'm such a decent bully. I like a provocation. "Poetry & amp; Geometry" was filmed on a public beach, in front of people (is this "hooliganism" haha?). In the last project, I shoot myself again against the backdrop of the winery (nude way again).

I like to tickle my nerves (and also others).

People can see surrealism in my works, you are right, but not that I made it on purpose with the ideological way.
If you hadn't this photography experience, would it be possible to be an artist who works with other formats, like sculpture, cinema, theater, music?
Well, now I am working on several projects as an art director. So, absolutely. Clients are interested in my ideas and they like to collaborate in different ways.
What are your plans? I would like your works in New York one day.
As a photographer, I have just started a new project. Will see where it goes.

About New York... Well, I would also like to see them over there. Hope we can be there together: me and my work.
Last question: what would you do if not art?
Well, probably I would be a traveler or an archaeologist, anthropologist... Not sure. I would like to discover something new.
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