Lyudmila Baronina

Unexpected, monotonously and defiantly.
Describe your work in three words
Unexpected, monotonously and defiantly.
Lyudmila Baronina is Russian Moscow-based artist who was born in Poland.
She works with modern mythology, creating alternative models of societies, spaces and environments.
In her graphic series Luda (short from Lyudmila) reproduces the ideas of a new person, architecture reptiles with fabulous stories, where heroes have a human vices.
Baronina refers to the subject of "refuge", trying to construct or imagine what alternative ways are possible today for a person and how laws of modern society can transform and mutate in alternative economic and social environment.

Luda, describe your working process?
Two ways: the first one is when the time is running out before the deadline of show and I do not have even a minute to feel that I am a human. The second one happens rarely when I am preparing to a new exhibition and want to detach myself from the world. Second is much better, because in that case I can concentrate on my work.
The process could look boring for most of people, but not for me. I like how hard and painstaking all those details could require from me.
I can not say that you working in one medium, is this a desire to try different things or what?
Oh, I can recall... A long time ago someone told me «You do have an authentic style», that ruined everything. After this moment I decided to try as much as I can, to expand my experience. Kidding aside, but for me the main impression from the project with multi-media is more important than the impression from the work where I locked up, so I do prefer to use different materials.
Is there any connection between your graphic works and sculptures?
In all my works I try to tell a story, create a character, which goes beyond the paper opportunities. That's why all of them appears to artefacts, and even my wallpapers are contain convex details. That's why I like flea markets, there I can find a peculiar pieces, whose affiliation are difficult to determine by belonging of time or it's functionality is not very clear for me, so that could be definitely involved in the future artwork.
How your workspace looks like?
At the beginning of my art career I worked from home, which was not very comfortable, so I decided to rent an art studio. It was very spontaneous, but obliviously important. I needed to prepare for the exhibition, and the fact the have a studio is much better I have an opportunity to see the whole exposition before it will be relocated into the gallery.

I found art residence: wonderful space, almost looked like RedHook in Brooklyn, it had an extraordinary spot at old factory "Zavod ZIP": most of the walls there were made of colourful glass-cubes and covered by the soviet faience. I used this ornament for one of my works, by the way. Lately, I moved to Moscow and started to work from home again, but for that time with pleasure. My living room and a balcony are look like an orangery, so I planted some flowers, which pattern I often use for my paintings and scathes. A lot of my graphic works are already on the walls (all over the apartment), instead of easel I use floor and it feels much comfortable with unlimited space.
Let's go back a bit, why you decided to be an artist? How come that happened?
Hm, I believe, that happened when I was 7 years old. I found my grandfather's sketchbook, which made a great impression on me. My granny carefully kept it safe and showed it pretty rarely to me. Ones, I found myself mesmerised by that notes and all those sketches of tanks and ships were unbelievable beautiful and even sacred me. I realised I want to be a part of that wonderful world and my future will be locked somewhere in between. I remember I have added some details, not very professional, but very passioned. Hm... I still have this sacral notebook.
How about your future projects? Any dreams?
Hard to say. My art-pieces are all with different media, so I can trace the development of my mood and feelings, probably thoughts, but life changes every minute and it's impossible to catch the dream and truly believe in that.
Luda, where do you usually find an inspiration?
Almost everywhere! For example, I can be impressed by shoes in the boutique window, lol. Jokes aside, most of my ideas are compilations of my own experience and literature. I'm very interested in dystopia, and the theme of settlement and colonies, kinda «new» communities. Probably, this is my path of escapism in nature. I really like to watch stones and leaves thinking what if I've never saw it before... Do not forget how to be a child.
Last one... My favourite one. Why art?
I can not imagine another way of being me.
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