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Reality out of passion
Hello there, Margo, so here we are. Tell me more abou you.
I am an international art, NFT (non-fungible token) and web3.0 advisor with a background in finance. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, moved to New York City to work in the art market.
Why New York?
Moving to New York was the best spontaneous idea in my life. Thanks to that, I've managed to change my life 360 degrees and find out who am I and what I am passionate about. Back in 2019, I was enrolled at Sotheby's Institute of Art (Art Business) program where I met a lot of incredibly talented people and one of them was my current business partner Jessica Tatievski.
Got it. What were your next steps?
Today we have our own art advisory called Neue Projects, where we advise clients and facilitate art dealing on the primary and secondary market. Simultaneously, we provide consultancy and business expertise for artists, collectors, and female entrepreneurs within the NFT industry by bridging "traditional" contemporary art and NFTs.
NFT and 3.0 letters and numbers... Neue sounds nice.
Neue Projects came to this reality out of passion for the art world, curiosity, and constant willingness to grow and expand as professionals in this market. As I love to say everything happens for a reason including when the opportunity arose where we were presented with collectors from Europe who wanted to sell their post-war and contemporary artworks of blue-chip artists privately in the United States – as the secondary market is much stronger over here. With a full force, Jessica and I decided that we will do our best to sell this work in the most favorable way to everyone involved. We didn't know how; we just knew that we had to do this when we saw the opportunity. That is how it all started, and we have begun our real and extremely eventful journey within the art world. We have learned our lessons the hard way. Mistake after mistake, we realized that those were crucial as they guided us to exactly what Neue Projects had become and what its fundamental beliefs are. I'm very proud to state that Neue Projects today is bridging traditional contemporary art with NFTs. In the traditional art market, Neue Projects guides private collectors through the secondary art market by creating and executing bespoke strategies for art acquisition and management. Within the digital realm, we provide advisory services to our clients (artists, collectors) to recognize their potential goals in the most fruitful way with the utmost discretion. The belief that art dealing can be re-imagined through an honest and transparent approach is fundamental to Neue Projects as we position ourselves to become the leading artist-focused consultancy and art marketplace within Web 3.0.

Perfect move. I also know that you have an interesting project, which become NFT once, could you please release this one?
Oh..., yes.
Along our journey, we met some incredible and knowledgeable collectors, artists, dealers, advisors, and other art intermediaries. One of these acquaintances was Ryan Hall, who at the time was setting up his agency for commercial creatives, and who happened to be introduced to the incredible photographer, Lawrence Horn, and their idea to sell analog photography as NFTs. It made sense to us to explore this ecosystem as we heard the buzzword back at Clubhouse, where all types of different art connoisseurs came together to discuss NFTs and if it's a quick pump and dump trend or if it had staying power back in March of 2021. As we started to immerse ourselves slowly, but steadily into the Web 3.0 space and explore its vast potentials, we understood that it could be a new medium for artists to showcase their work outside of the traditional realm and that was exciting for us. Even though we fully love the art market and all its key players and stakeholders, we realize and continue to learn about its challenges: the system is extremely outdated, artists are continuously exploited, galleries have such high entry barriers that it becomes impossible for new collectors to start building their collections in a way they envision it to be. So, we decided that summer 2021 was the time to be serious about this ecosystem, and thus, Neue Projects partnered with Bustani to create The [Digital] Archive (TDA) to digitally archive the analog photography of Lawrence Horn onto the Ethereum Blockchain.
I had a background in photography and I collect cameras by the way...
Ha, fun, so. Lawrence Horn is a film photographer who walked the streets of New York alongside some of the biggest names in art from Keith Haring to Jean-Michel Basquiat. However, unlike his East Village counterparts, he chose to document and keep his work private, away from the fluorescent gallery lights. Remaining seen but unknown, Horn believed there would be a time when the world would be ready for his photography. After 40 years his creation has aligned with the emergence of NFTs - the new art "Wild West". Horn found inspiration using infrared film, fascinated by the idea of capturing and recording light frequencies that the human retina cannot process. Photographing between the years of 1973 to 1986, his subjects varied from people and scenery to structures and buildings (some no longer here). With the use of experimental camera filters, he managed to incorporate transformative concepts and experiences of his spiritual photographs into photographs.
Wow! Great story, I'll be watching the development of the project. By the way, what are your plans for the future?
So, as the name of our company states Neue Projects, it very much represents us as individuals and as businesswomen. Neue comes from German and means "new", which translates our approach to the art market and NFTs. We want to create exciting projects that bring a new perspective into the space.

Our focus right now is on NFTs and Web3 and we are excited to work with different collectors, artists, and other stakeholders from the traditional art market. From the advisory standpoint, we educate our clients on the entire ecosystem and help them find their place within this new and exciting space. We always suggest doing your own research (DYOR) and spending time exploring the community through Twitter and Discord as these insights will help to formulate a strategy that resonates the most with each client. When we work with artists who want to launch art collections in collaboration with Neue Projects, we start with a similar approach and want to understand the body of work and what the messages are that the creator wants to pass on. We want to take care of all business-, and management-related activities to ensure that the artist does what they do best, which is to create art.

An immediate goal for Neue Projects is to build a community within the NFT space where collectors, artists, and art connoisseurs come together to talk, collect, and engage with contemporary art. We will do that through collaborations with artists and bringing these collections into the space. Simultaneously, we want to work with leading art institutions and advise them on how to tap into this new market and re-direct some of their strategies to the digital realm. We believe that the art world can be re-imagined. In the medium and long term, we want to develop Neue Projects into a leading art brand within the NFT ecosystem by expanding beyond artist collaborations. We are planning to curate exhibitions that show NFTs alongside traditional art, advising digital collectors on analog art purchases, and most importantly involve our community in building out the brand as we believe that a collaborative approach will ensure the success and longevity of Neue Projects.
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